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Welcome to Fulcrum, where clients come first. Fulcrum Securities, LLC, a full-service broker dealer founded in 2006 and Fulcrum Advisory Services, LLC, our affiliated registered investment advisor, together offer a comprehensive range of services to both individual and institutional investors. Our clearing arrangement with RBC Correspondent Services, a division of RBC Capital Markets, LLC, Member NYSE/FINRA/SIPC, gives our clients access to top notch technology, products and investment services.

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Wealth Management

In today’s challenging financial markets it helps to have a trusted partner who can guide you. At Fulcrum, we believe a comprehensive wealth management plan is crucial in this ever-changing world. Using our individualized approach and highly customizable process we develop your wealth management plan; we leverage customized strategies that encompass not just financial and investment objectives, but also risk tolerances. As a full service broker dealer and registered investment advisor we are uniquely qualified to help you reach your investment goals.

Our team of seasoned financial advisors provide the guidance and insight you need. We understand that each investor’s financial situation is unique, and our team can help you customize a wealth management plan that meets your specific needs.

Estate Planning

At Fulcrum we believe that planning now could prevent disappointment down the road. There are many aspects to address, your Fulcrum advisor can guide you through this process and help you to implement your plan.

Retirement has often been viewed as an ending, a time of slowing down and simplifying life after a long working career. This is changing as people live longer and consider other possibilities. Most Americans now view retirement as a new chapter in life. Many pre-retirees don’t envision a traditional retirement at all, but want to reinvent their life or careers. Whether your own retirement is approaching quickly or remains a distant goal, it’s important to consider the lifestyle you want to attain. It's never too soon to begin a prudent plan for your future.

The very definition of good estate planning is passing one's assets with the least amount of emotional and financial impact to your loved ones while meeting your personal objectives. Sound estate planning is an important piece of your overall wealth management plan, it can be an emotional and often overwhelming process. At Fulcrum we can educate you and your family and actively work with your estate planning attorney. We understand that documents like trusts and wills could never replace memories, but what they can do is help design a legacy that protects your loved ones according to your wishes.


The first step in establishing your financial security is to ask yourself some tough questions: What would happen if you, your spouse or family member became sick, injured or died? All of these situations can be devastating to your family’s financial health. That’s where insurance comes in.

At Fulcrum we believe insurance is an important element in protecting your family, your income, and a necessary component to every sound financial plan.

Select advisors at Fulcrum specialize in many facets of the insurance industry. We work closely with attorneys and tax professionals on the very complicated issues surrounding trusts and estate planning, as well as advising business owners and their families.

There are many types of insurance, we can help you decide which is right for you and your family.

Life Insurance


Long Term Care

Disability Insurance

Your Fulcrum Advisor can guide you to the correct plan that may replace income, cover business expenses during a disability and could provide that contributions continue to your retirement plan.

Institutional Services and Trade Execution

When mid-cap and small cap companies want to connect with an audience of quality institutional and high net worth investors, they turn to Fulcrum Securities.

Our corporate and institutional access efforts are built on long standing relationships and knowledge based analytics. By working closely with management, investor relations, counsel and select contacts, Fulcrum provides a high touch, high discretion opportunity for our wide spectrum of asset managers and individual investors to meet and discuss mutual needs and exchange ideas.

These relationships are the cornerstone in the foundation that has built our solid reputation based on our knowledge of the markets and capabilities with trade execution.


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